Our Officers

Experienced security professionals for local, state and federal government properties.

Physical Security

The Walden Security Federal Services team provides armed and unarmed security officers for various venues including federal, state and local government facilities.

As a DHS SAFETY Act certified company, Walden Security develops and employs physical and procedural security measures to detect, deter, and defend the full spectrum of people, property, equipment, facilities, material, and information against terrorists and criminals.

We integrate physical measures with security equipment to reduce vulnerability to the threat; test procedures and measures through red team drills and exercises; and train our security guards in executing external and internal security requirements.

Program Planning and Management

Without a proper security assessment, it’s difficult to determine the broad range of countermeasures required to defend against threats from potential terrorist or criminal elements. Walden Security Federal Services experts conduct comprehensive threat assessments when planning or coordinating a security mission or operation.

Our detailed vulnerability and risk assessments identify hazards, assess the initial risk of those hazards, and make informed decisions about committing resources or enacting policies and procedures to define the risk or mitigate the threat.

Contingency Planning

The unpredictability of a catastrophic event affecting personnel, property and infrastructure requires comprehensive and executable contingency plans. Walden Security develops and implements affordable, effective, and attainable emergency response plans to assist with damage control and recovery in the event of crises. We offer detailed planning through assessment of potential and current threats, vulnerability of personnel or facilities, criticality of personnel or facilities, and availability of security resources.