Our Officers

First impressions always make a difference.

Our security professionals are the face of Walden Security, as well as a daily representation of reliable service and protection for our clients and those whom we protect. That’s why finding qualified, dependable personnel is a prerequisite to your satisfaction, as well as ours.

Walden Security's recruiting method subjects each security officer candidate to an extensive screening process. A series of interviews, background checks, and verifications ensures every employee meets our high standards and yours.

We continue to maintain this level with training that produces knowledgeable and motivated professionals, resulting in lower turnover, less absenteeism, and higher standards of performance than most of our competitors in the industry.

And we strive to retain these exceptional employees and keep them focused on client service through a variety of benefits and incentive programs.

To be fully effective, a security service should be immediately visible. One of the most practical methods of accomplishing this is to make sure that every security officer is easily identifiable, with the Walden Security emblem clearly displayed.

Our uniforms are the highest quality to ensure a professional image for Walden Security and our clients. We offer a variety of styles that have been widely accepted in all types of security environments, including the military style for external security and corporate casual, a blue blazer and grey slacks, or a corporate black suit for internal security.

Should you wish to create your own uniform, tailored to meet the unique requirements of any particular site, we will be pleased to work with you to design, adopt, or alter any uniform so that it will meet your specifications.