Walden Security maintains a high officer retention rate because we treat our employees well.

Higher Retention

It is not enough to hire quality officers; Walden Security continually strives to retain the best employees and keep them focused on client service. Our efforts to attract and retain the best employees possible have paid off: improved client satisfaction is the result.

Our expectations for our security officers are high, so we foster a working environment that offers them the opportunity to excel. A benefit program is of value only if the elements are meaningful to our officers. As with the Walden Security selection process, we believe our benefits package is the best in the business.

  • Quality of life and workplace benefits
  • Insurance and personal finance benefits
  • Performance recognition
  • Tenure awards
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Employee communications
  • SpeakUp! confidential employee hotline
  • Scholarships and tuition reimbursement
  • Holiday gift for every employee

Honoring outstanding performance

Among the honors awarded to our security officers are commendations for exemplary customer service or noteworthy support of a mission. We also recognize Officers of the Month and Year, as well as offer tenure awards.