Why Choose Walden

Seven reasons to select Walden Security for your security program.


When it comes to selecting and training our employees, best practices are our only practice

At Walden Security, we believe that an exceptional security program begins with selecting highly motivated and service-oriented security officers and providing them with all the training they need to be successful at your property.

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We are ready to implement a seamless transition with no lapse in security

Our experience with implementing hundreds of contract transitions demonstrates our ability to deliver an efficient and complete start-up without any lapse in security. Our proactive approach augmented by certified systems and procedures establishes a solid foundation for effective service delivery from the start.

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We keep our employees because we treat them well

We are loyal to our employees, and so they are loyal to us. We foster employee relations by offering quality of life and workplace benefits, rewarding exceptional performance and providing our officers with the resources and support they require to succeed.

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We invest in technology for greater efficiency and lower costs

We use enterprise technology to streamline our service at every level – by administering customer relationship, human resources, training, finance, and workforce management technology company-wide, we allow our field teams to devote their time, focus and effort to protecting your business.

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We are ready to handle any challenge

At any given time, qualified Walden Security experts are available to handle any security challenge. Through ongoing collaboration between local, corporate and field teams, we guarantee that our security officers – and ultimately our clients – always receive every resource required to run a successful security program.

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Our quality is uncompromising

We are one of only a handful of security firms in the nation to hold a company-wide ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification. Our quality management system guarantees that every client can rely on Walden Security to continually monitor, measure and improve our performance to deliver exceptional service.

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Customer satisfaction comes from our performance

With a 97% client retention rate, our level of customer satisfaction is among the highest in the security industry. Simply put, we do what we say we will.

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