We invest in technology for greater efficiency and lower costs.

Exceptional administrative support keeps everything running smoothly- without efficient personnel and processes to handle everything from scheduling to payroll to billing, security services would grind to a halt. As one of the nation’s first security companies to implement the industry-leading WinTeam Workforce Management Solutions, Walden Security has integrated a powerful set of information technology products to enhance these capabilities.

secure remote data storage

The technology benefits our clients in several ways:

  • Eliminates error-prone, manual scheduling
  • Ensures that a fully trained and certified officer is always on post
  • Frees up our managers to supervise and support their security teams
  • Streamlines officer payroll and client invoice processing with near-perfect accuracy
  • Produces both standardized and customized ad hoc reports to ensure contract compliance

With workforce management technology, we are able to attentively manage and support our field personnel while improving service reliability. The result is security service both cost-effective and accountable.


GeoCheck: The All-in-One Handheld Device for Security Patrols

GeoCheck handheld technology allows us to deliver a fully customizable, highly efficient, lower cost security program for your mobile and foot patrol needs. It combines 3G phone, GPS tracking, GeoTags, image capture, voice and text recording to allow our security professionals to conduct inspections, record guard tour rounds, and instantly submit paperless reports by email.

  • Instant incident reporting with photo capture
  • Password protected and completely secure
  • Customize to your property’s unique needs (post orders, instructions, emergency contacts, etc.)
  • Transfer critical information with paperless logs and web-based reports
  • Real-time GPS technology tracks officer patrols and whereabouts
  • Smart phone replaces other paid cell phone services
  • Monitor activity 24/7 with unique client login